IT Managed Services

Customised Support 

We Provide tailored support programs based of your unique school requirements, traditional pre-paid support and pay as you go services do not provide schools with the ability to forecast support funding. At Educate IT we are able to provide fixed cost services that provide a no surprise support model, but allow for consistent availability of resources as and when you want them. with our extensive background in education support, we can accurately  model your support requirements based on your network and level of school technology integration across learning areas.


Our Service Desk is the central point of contact and management for all ICT related and other in-scope tickets for our clients. It operates on a 24x7x365 basis and provides comprehensive services to clients throughout Australia and internationally.

We invest significant time into the ongoing development of our knowledge base which is heavily leveraged across our entire service portfolio. Our knowledge base includes both client-specific knowledge as well as technology-centric tips and solutions.